About Us:

Welcome to the Small Craft Cruising Club Website!

The Small Craft Cruising Club (SCCC) is a loosely knit group of  like minded people whose most common connection is things of a nautical nature [NAUTICAL: of, relating to, or associated with sailing, navigation, or ships].

In this case the "ships" are but "small craft",  and the club confines small craft to mean those which can be rowed with an oar or oars.  So one might include various kinds of sculls and paddles and if you happen to have one, a Mediterranean galleon! 

So if you can make the argument that your boat is rowable, the SCCC is for you!

Please check our events schedule for our next adventure be it a gunkholing trip or a weekend in Tomales Bay, contact us for more details.  

We look forward to meeting you soon!